Gary Spate

Gary starring in a disability awareness infomercial for Turning Point Productions (2004)

Gary Spate was born in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, UK, in 1981 and has lived there his whole life so far. His appreciation of the movie industry came at a young age where he would stay up all night watching movies – often being late for school the following day. He collected 1000s of movies by recording them on his VCR (the joys of 300 minute tapes on Long Play) and he critically analysed each and every one he saw.

Gary attended Whitgift Comprehensive School in Grimsby from 1993-1998 and was taught GCSE Media Studies by the very talented Laurie Boxer. This spurred on his devotion to the art of filmmaking. This passion carried on with him enrolling on several TV/Video courses at the local college, Grimsby Institute.

Lord David Puttnam

Lord David Puttnam – British film producer

In 1996 Gary and his father Glyn were invited to the official opening of the then-new Immage Studios in Immingham where they had the privilege of meeting the great Lord David Puttnam. Gary was in awe of the man and strived to be as successful as him.

In the early 2000s while volunteering with Turning Point Productions, an award-winning disability awareness TV production team co-founded by his father Glyn Spate, Gary began writing a script for a movie. Entitled “Keep Your Friends Close” it was to be a hard-hitting drama that highlights stigma associated with mental health. This project however took a back step as it quickly became apparent that it would be so difficult to produce a movie on limited funds and no studio willing to invest in a first-time writer/director. Gary’s dreams of joining Britain’s filmmaking elite was put on hold as he attempted to make ends meet with a series of menial jobs (gas salesman, Sky TV salesman, security guard, supermarket shelf filler, etc), at one point he even enlisted into the Armed Forces but he failed the medical on the grounds of clicking knees.

Sadie and Gary (2006)

Sadie and Gary (2006)

In April 2004 Gary met his current partner Sadie. Sadie was a student at Grimsby’s Franklin College and had dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist. However her disability cast doubts on her ability to fulfil her dreams. She then set upon her second passion, creative designs and photography. The couple supported each other with their passions, Gary’s filmmaking and Sadie’s designs.

In 2009 Gary enrolled on the BA (Hons) Digital Film & Television Production course at GIFHE while Sadie enrolled on the BA (Hons) Design course at the same institution. Gary passed the first year but the second year was beset with several personal and family problems, some horrific others highly stressful, which severely hindered his ability to complete the course. While Sadie could use her course to distract her from the problems Gary went the other way, he couldn’t focus and fell into a deep depression.

In the Spring of 2011, as Gary was about to fall asleep, an idea for a new movie project came to him. He quickly jumped out of bed and began writing down his idea. ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ was again put on the backburner as in those early hours ‘Dead Lies’ was born.

Gary filming Feedback (2010)

In June 2011 Gary was withdrawn from the degree course due to the problems and so this gave him the time to focus on sorting out his head and work on the pre-production of ‘Dead Lies’.

Gary has had experience in many different fields of video production, TV programmes, short films, music videos and wedding videos. ‘Dead Lies’ is Gary’s first foray into feature-length movie production, something he is relishing and has a lot of passion for. One thing you can be sure about with Gary is that he wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to speak out and be open and frank about what plays on his mind, this will hopefully reflect in the MAKING OF Dead Lies video which we hope will compliment the finished movie.

Gary’s Filmography

In Focus (2004) TV – Disability awareness magazine – (Series) Lighting/Director/Camera Op/Editor
What on Earth? (2004) – Short Film – Writer/Director/Camera Op/Editor
Fast Slug - Cardboard Radio (2006) TV – Music show – (1 show) Camera Op
Shape Up - On the beach (2009) TV – Exercise programme – (1 show) Researcher/Boom Op
A Day to Remember (2009) – Short Film – Director/Camera Op/Editor
Feedback (2010) TV – Music show – (3 shows) Camera Op
The Unluckiest Barsteward (2010) – Short Film – Writer/Director
The Hidden Footprint (2010) – Urban Exploration Documentary – Writer/Director/Camera Op/Editor
LiteBites (2011) TV – Cookery show – (Series) – Floor Manager/Camera Op
Grief (2011) – Short Film – Camera Op
‘Desolation’ by Innersylum (2011) – Music Video – Camera Op [WATCH HERE]

In Pre-Production

The Unluckiest Barsteward (2012) – Short Film REMAKE – Writer/Producer/Director
A Day To Remember (2012) – Short Film REMAKE – Producer/Director
Paranormal Nativity (2012) – Short Film – Writer/Producer/Director
Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (2013) – Feature-length movie – VIP Executive Producer/Extra
Dead Lies (2014) – Feature-length movie – Writer/Producer/Director
Keep Your Friends Close (TBA) – Feature-length movie – Writer/Producer/Director